An Exploratory Investigation into Customer Perceived Value of Food Products in Vietnam

  •  The Ninh Nguyen    
  •  Phuong Anh Vu    
  •  Thi Thu Hoai Phan    
  •  Tuan Khanh Cao    


The creation of customer value is of paramount importance for organizations’ success, and has been in the central interest of practitioner literature. This present study seeks to explore how Vietnamese customers perceive functional, economic, emotional and social value of consuming food products. Paper-based surveys have been administered to a sample of 410 food customers in the city of Hanoi. The survey results show that customer perceived value of food products is relatively low. The findings provide insights into the dimensionality of customer perceived value, and suggest implications to food companies for enhancing the value of their offerings. In addition, this study may serve as a basis for future research in the domain of customer value.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.