Motivation in the Perspective of Self Determination Theory (SDT) between Work Environment and Job Satisfaction in Banking Sector

  •  Syed Talib Hussain    
  •  Shen Lei    
  •  Zainul Abideen    
  •  Syed Hadi Hussain    


The expansion of business, fulfillments of demands and profits maximization have created stress and less motivation for job satisfaction. To fulfill the demand of organizations and maximize the satisfaction level of employees; the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation beyond psychological motivation has been used in this study to minimize stress level and maximize the satisfaction level among employees. This study explains work stress, job overload; performance pressure and job satisfaction while in motivation; the extrinsic/intrinsic factors of Self Determination Theory (SDT) have been used. Structured questionnaires were used to collect the data. The total distribution was 120 and response rate was 75 percent. The results found that work stress, job overload and performance pressure has negative impact on job satisfaction and employees do not like stress caused by work overload or job overload, while motivation factor has played an important psychological role in the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.