Role Stressors and Job Satisfaction in the Banking Industry: The Mediating Role of Job Stress

  •  Syed Talib Hussain    
  •  Shen Lei    


In banking sector, the retail banking is an important and generous sector of economy and job stress becomes progressively visible and increasing in this sector, after a series of arrangements for financial institutions. Therefore, the study of specific causes of job stress in the retail banking area should provide greater approach into both, theoretical and managerial practices. Several Studies have been conducted on role stressors and job satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of role stressors on job satisfaction by using job stress as mediator variable by applying different mediation approaches. The total distribution was 350 and questionnaires were collected from 305 employees and response rate was 87 percent. In the results of Correlation and Regression analysis,it was found that, role ambiguity and role conflict have negative relationship with job satisfaction. In the result of Regression it was concluded that job stress has influences among role ambiguity, role conflict and job satisfaction. The findings of the study suggest that role stressers should be controlled in order to increase the job satisfaction. Hence lesser the role stressors, lesser will be the job stress.


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