Consumption as a Lifestyle: A Reflection on the Schopenhauer Perspective

  •  Rafael Lucian    


Consuming extrapolates utilitarianism and hedonism; shopping as a purely rational activity does not complete the set of motivations that drive consumption. This theoretical essay investigates the context from the perspective of the contemporary consumer, mainly the philosophy of Schopenhauer and other authors who discuss the topic. To understand consumption, Will and Representation require one to first comprehend the theories of knowledge that elevate Science, its logic and true legitimacy and pathways that ultimately reveal the understanding of Marketing on consumer behavior. At the end of this essay, reflection leads to understanding that the metaphysics of beauty according to Schopenhauer (2012) presents pragmatic compounds still present that align marketing actions with the search for a better quality of life through aesthetics, excelling the dualistic logic of utilitarian or hedonic consumption and its recompense of mere immediate effect.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.