Entertainment in Jordanian Malls

  •  Salem Alrhaimi    
  •  Thair Habboush    


Modern lifestyle is hard to imagine without the hustle and bustle that takes place in shopping malls that have become part and parcel of the economic and social life of every modern global citizen. Shopping malls are on the increase in major cities with Jordan being a hub for competitors in the mall industry. Hence, there is a growing need to understand consumers’ perceptions, dispositions and preferences as to the mall image nowadays. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect and significance of entertainment on the mall industry in Jordan. The data were conducted by structured questionnaire from 450 shoppers who visit the five largest malls, namely, AL-Mukhtar, Sameh, Arabella, Irbid, and AL-Safeway in Irbid as the biggest and high density city in the north territory of Jordan. The results of study showed that the age group less than 25 years of shoppers ranked first in patronage of the shopping malls mainly for reasons related to leisure, fun and entertainment. The study concludes by emphasizing the need for huge entertainment facilities, such as, family entertainment centers, cinema, gym, bowling alley, billiard hall and video games.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.