The Impact of Perceived Service Quality on Students’ Intentions in Higher Education in a Jordanian Governmental University

  •  Naseem Twaissi    
  •  Mohammad Al-Kilani    


This study aims to investigate the impact of perceived service quality regarding the academic side on students’ behavior intentions in a Jordanian governmental university. A survey was conducted on a stratified systemic random sample of 841 students, yielding 572 participants with 68% response rate. The findings show that perceived service quality as well as the tangibility and assurance dimensions affect students’ intentions of recommending to study at their university. Further, perceived service quality as well as the tangibility dimension affects students’ intentions of moving to study at another university. The results also proved that the two genders perceived the tangibility dimension of service quality differently, as males reported higher assessment. The study has provided important insights into service quality and behavior intentions in the field of Higher Education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.