Examining Switching Intentions, Partial and Total Switching among Mobile Subscribers in Ghana

  •  Simon Nimako    
  •  Joseph Mbawuni    


This paper empirically explores consumer switching intentions, partial and total switching situations in the Ghana mobile telecom industry. Using data from a cross-sectional survey of 736 mobile subscribers from six global telecom networks in Ghana’s mobile telecommunication industry, the results indicate switching intentions are significantly different among customers of various mobile telecom service providers. Customers of MTN and Tigo mobile operators have stronger intentions to switch than those from the other firms. It also found that more non-porters defect and switch to other mobile networks than porters do. Consistent with the hypothesis, defectors (partial switching) are strongly associated with total switching behaviour than non-defectors. Also, in order to reduce subscriber defect or churn rate, mobile telecom operators should direct more effort and resource to promoting and educating their customers on the benefits of porting their mobile numbers to other networks. Theoretical and managerial implications are discussed. The paper contributes to the body of knowledge in the area of consumer switching behaviour in mobile telecom industry in emerging countries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.