Is the Elephant Still in the Room: The Governance of Private Jordanian Universities (PJUs)?

  •  Osama Mansour    
  •  Ahnaf Smady    
  •  Ahmad Lutfi    
  •  Mustafa Abdelkareem    


This research aims to provide a better understanding of the governing bodies and methods in private Jordanian universities (PJUs). This is a descriptive research uses secondary and primary research tools such as interviews, archival documents, observations, and reports. These tools were all employed in this study to accomplish the objective. Nineteen interviews with financial managers, auditors, and Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) staff were conducted. This research emphasizes that higher education in Jordan is considered one of the best systems in the Middle East and North Africa countries. The findings show that there is much competition in the private higher education and this motivates to research the governance methods. There is a trend in the world towards private higher education. Unlike their counterparts in the world, PJUs do not receive any support from the government, but also pay over than 25% of their income to the government and they are for the most part financed by student tuition fees. MoHE by law and through different procedures intervenes in the PJUs management and decisions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.