The Adolescent Influence in Family Decision-Making: Parents Perception

  •  Roberto Cunha    
  •  Pedro Steiner Neto    


The family is an important institution on products purchasing in society. Reviewers of family decisions used to consider not only the husband-wife relationship but acknowledges the importance of adolescents in family purchasing decisions. The main purpose of this study is to understand how family members take purchase decisions as a group, by measuring the adolescent level of influence on the acquisition of several selected products. Furthermore, the study investigates if the adolescent level of influence differ depending on the stages of buying decision process, adolescent gender, and the amount of children in the family. The study was conducted in Curitiba city in Brazil and the respondents were family members (husband, wife and adolescent). A sample of 93 families, totaling therefore 279 consumers have been selected for the study. The results show that parents disagree about the intensity of influence from the teenage son from some products; that adolescent gender influences the level of his/her participation; and the amount of children in the family increases his/her level of participation. Furthermore, it’s proposed graphically a triangle of influence of family members, by stage of buying decision process and product researched.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.