Cultural Variability in Web Content: A Comparative Analysis of American and Turkish Websites

  •  Gaye Karacay-Aydin    
  •  Elif Akben-Selcuk    
  •  Asli Elif Aydin-Altinoklar    


The objective of this article is to investigate the extent of differentiation of web communication on cultural grounds. For this purpose, US based Fortune 500 companies’ domestic websites and their Turkish counterparts were culturally examined. Through a content analysis, the reflections of Hofstede’s (1980) and Hall’s (1976) cultural dimensions on the website content of the selected 88 websites were investigated. In general, significant differences were found in the depiction of cultural values on the websites examined. The results of this study provide implications for global companies in their attempts to culturally adapt their websites to local markets, in particular to Turkey.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.