How Does Sponsorship Marketing in Korean Dramas Bring in Lucrative Business?

  •  Yee Vonn H'ng    
  •  Rashad Yazdanifard    


In this 21th century, the Korean Wave has swept the world with its culture that just seems like there is no end to it; meanwhile sponsorship marketing has continue to grow and become one of the fastest growing form of marketing around the world. Both are global phenomena that have the potential to produce income for business. Hence, this paper aims to understand whether sponsorship marketing can bring in lucrative business or vice versa by using k-drama as a medium through the fame of Korean Wave. In the end, it could identify that sponsorship marketing is a good marketing tool because it has a lot of benefits and characteristic to offer which indirectly bring in good revenue for business by using the Korean drama as a medium; besides, k-drama is an effective medium in getting business as well due to the rising popularity of Korea Wave.

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