Some Evidence on Unconventional Marketing: Focus on Guerrilla Marketing

  •  Roberto Chionne    
  •  Giancarlo Scozzese    


From years the “postmodern” society has registered the transition of the consumer from a passive role to an active one where he is aware and informed on “prosumer” or on “value co-creator” according to the cooperative concept of the value co-creation put into a win-win logic; the transformation of the society, of the behaviour and the consumption typology have supported the development and the confirmation of particular techniques of communication and marketing which are able to strengthen the tools used for the relationship with the customer as well as the incitement occasion of the subjects that, due to the amount of information which they are involved in, can appear confused and absent-minded. This work analyses, also through the Red Bull case analysis, the potentiality and the role of the unconventional marketing – with particular references to guerrilla marketing, in supporting the communication of companies and creating incentives among the firm and the potential consumers through tools and projects that allow the collection of feedback and information on the market. With the Red Bull case study the authors want highlight the unconventional marketing role in the communication strategy and value co-creation activity. The case highlights the successes of Red Bull Company using unconventional marketing tools to deliver the value proposition toward the customers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.