Market Orientation, Organisational Learning Capabilities and Strategic Competitiveness: An Inquiry into the Causes of Sustain Competitive Success

  •  Amue John    


The nature of effective strategic marketing decision making is rooted in the dynamic processes by which firms develop their learning capabilities to acquire knowledge of their markets, reflect on that knowledge and develop the organization capabilities to respond to the strategic challenges faced. It is the organizational learning processes that provide the dynamics within firm, to manage effectively the interplay between the strategies of the firm and the global market environment. This article explores the link between strategic competitiveness and organization learning capabilities. In particular, the authors develop a conceptual model arguing that the effect of learning capabilities on strategic competitiveness is moderated by market orientations. Proposed to guide future research, the authors discuss the Implications for strategic marketing decision making at both the corporate levels and the public policy domains.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.