Meta-Analytic Review of the Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing: Focus on Public vs. Private Organizations and IT vs. Non-IT Facilitation

  •  Nisha Kumari    
  •  Yoshi Takahashi    


This paper summarises the quantitative findings of prior empirical studies. Meta-analytic techniques are used to examine the antecedents of organisational knowledge sharing behaviour (KSB), with a focus on comparing public vs. private organisations and information technology (IT) vs. non-IT facilitation. The meta-analysis tests the efficacy of the theory of planned behaviour in a knowledge sharing (KS) context and identifies the effectiveness of the respective organisational antecedents in fostering KS. Public organisations are an important area where KS has received relatively little attention. After identifying the effect sizes of the relationships examined in all the studies, we consider the effects of public vs. private sectors as moderators on the antecedents of knowledge sharing intention (KSI) and KSB. We include IT facilitation as our second moderator to examine whether all the antecedents are contingent on IT facilitation. Our results indicate that KSI has the largest influence on KSB, and that attitude towards KS has the largest influence on KSI. The results demonstrate the presence of moderating variables as well. This study demonstrates that private organisations provide better environments for employees to positively change their KSI, as compared to public organisations. Enhancing face-to-face communication might be more effective for KS since the impact of IT facilitation was not significant.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.