The Western Union Case and the Social Function of the International Money Transfer

  •  Lindsey Selbach    
  •  Jeferson Lana    


The growing of the global migration phenomenon connects various socioeconomic issues with the need for money transfer services offered by companies such as Western Union. Both bank, exchange standards and the migration laws that are adopted in a different system in each country, influences the definition of the service model for the international transfers. This study is sought to examine whether the services provided by Western Union can be seen as a social function. Based on the analysis of the interviews, it was concluded that from the migrant point of view the social issues involved with the possibility of money transferring is a direct solution to improve the lives of their families, and thus diminish the poverty in many regions of the world. In relation to the company focus, the social function that their service facilitates, does not define or distinguish its market positioning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.