Influence of Job Stress on Job Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Ghana Police Service

  •  Gerald Dapaah Gyamfi    


The purpose of this research was to identify and explore the influence of job stress on job satisfaction among police officers using empirical evidence from Ghana Police Service. The exploratory study was carried out at Accra North Division of Ghana Police Service in 2011. A prospective analysis was completed on 200 Police officers who were selected, using convenience sampling, from a population of 335 personnel at the Division. The researcher carried out analysis into the influence of physical environment, role ambiguity, role overload (moderators of stress), supervisor support and coworker support (social support) on job satisfaction among the officers. Regression analysis revealed the following findings. First, role ambiguity and physical environment had negative and non-significant relationship with job satisfaction. Second, coworker support had moderately positive significant influence with job satisfaction. Third, there was a positive non-significant relationship between supervisor support and job satisfaction. Fourth, there was a positive significant relationship between coworker support and job satisfaction. The author recommends that leadership of Police administration should pay much attention to the psychological and physiological needs of their police officers to improve upon the job satisfaction among the officers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.