Study on the Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Chinese Foreign Trade

  •  Mengchun Ding    
  •  Hongxin Li    


Under the background that global foreign direct investment (FDI)crashed largely, Chinese foreign investments fell year on year in the first half year of 2009, but its proportion in the global FDI gross didn’t drop, and China is still the first investment place for feign investments in the world. China is the country which attracted most FDI accumulatively in all developing countries and had the most amount of foreign sub-company in the world. But many problems still exist in the process that China uses FDI to improve the development of international trade. In the article, the FDI is first introduced, and the influences of FDI on Chinese foreign trade are pointed out, and the countermeasures that Chinese uses FDI to improve the development of international trade are put forward finally.

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