Employee Change Agents: The Foundation for Effective Organizational Change

  •  Allen Barclay    


This paper specifically looks at the process of organizational change and how employees can influence the outcomes. Organizations tend to underutilize their employees during times of change. An organization is basically a collection of people with the same objectives.  Ultimately, I seek to understand how an employee change agent framework can function as an essential tool for controlling and analyzing organizational change.

As a manager and an instructor of management, I believe that is the employee that essentially controls the success of any change in an organization. Employees should be charged with the ability to foster positive change by management, but more so, by themselves. It is the employees responsibility to make the change work in the organization, along with making changes in themselves to help improve not only the organization, but to improve their own working behaviors. All employers should be creating a learning organization by asking their employees to become responsible members of the organization. Allow your staff to be present at the table. Also empower your staff to become more aligned with the core mission of the organization.  The more your staff believes they are making a difference for the organization, the more vested, accountable, and responsible they will become.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.