Audience-Based Brand Equity: A Research on “Women's Tennis Association Championships Istanbul 2013”

  •  Ömer Tüfekci    


Sports organizations, apart from being a product of the popular culture, through their increasing economic contributions and social functions, they have become a global industry. The sectoral structure of sports reveals the strategies for consistently purchasing by consumers. In this context, the strategy in the research’s literature is called as consumer-based brand equity and it is adapted with the name “Audience-based Brand Equity” for the sports sector. So in this research it is aimed to analyze “Audience-based Brand Equity” by measuring brand equity under the “WTA Championships 2013” tennis tournament and adapt it to sports marketing literature. Therefore, the perception of the sports consumer had been tried to be measured by using the “Audience-based Brand Equity”, by a research performed on “WTA Championships 2013” tennis tournament. By using a questionnaire form, a research data-set had been obtained. In order to test obtained-data, confirmatory factor analysis, multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis and structual equation modeling were used. The findings obtained by research support, the elements of audience-based brand equity for the “WTA Championships Istanbul 2013”. Thus, a result has been achieved that the quaternary structure existing in research model and forming the audience-based brand equity is valid and reliable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.