Research of Employees Psychological Capital Structure under the Background of Chinese Culture

  •  Hui Qingshan    
  •  Lou Le    
  •  Cao Xuansheng    


Psychological capital is an individual's positive psychological state of development, which has four features and five criteria. Psychological capital structure in Chinese cultural context contains: calm, hope, optimism and confidence. Through the methods of literature research, discussion, open questionnaire, and the formal research, this paper got employees' psychological capital content structure questionnaire items under the background of Chinese culture. We collected the relevant data, used exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis to analyze data statistically. It explored employees' psychological capital structure dimensions under the background of the Chinese culture and concluded to the psychological capital content structure questionnaire, and tested the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Then we developed psychological capital scale that met the requirements of psychometrics, which lay the foundation for follow-up study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.