Sustainable Product-Service System

  •  Joshua Centenera    
  •  Maruf Hasan    


Product-service systems provide societal benefits through collaborative consumption. They must also provide financial benefits for investors to encourage deployment of such systems. Given these financial benefits, not only will the company profit effectively, but also efficiently in terms of material usage therefore reducing the need for manufacture and mitigating the impact on the environment. Specifically, this project aims at developing a sustainable product-service system, a system incorporating financial, social and environmental sustainability. The resulting model is sustainable for the environment and the operator, while also financially beneficial for the user. This project provides social commentary to examine Australian characteristics and suggest conclusions on the state and future of product-service systems in Australia. The greater objective of this project is to introduce the concept of a product-service system and raise awareness of such a model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.