Evolution of the Concept and Models of Work Exhaustion (Burnout): The Research in Mexico

  •  Juan Carlos Jimenez    
  •  Mara Maricela Flores    
  •  Luis Arturo Tovar    
  •  Fernando Vilchis    


This is a review paper which describes "Burnout", its concept evolution, Burnout models, which is divided into two types: comprehensive models and process models, identification of varying quantification instruments and application area, it is also analysed, described, and discussed the models and instruments weaknesses. Finally is described the research made in Mexico.

The main finding of the paper is that burnout is contingent with the environment and a phenomenon is important and the empirical evidence is too strong for to consider as occupational disease in the design of public policies to face the problem.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.