Examination of Selected Precursors and Outcomes of Sales Manager Behaviors

  •  Jeffrey Sager    
  •  Kelly Naletelich    
  •  Alan Dubinsky    


A model is proposed and tested that represents how salespeople perceive and respond to their sales managers’ behaviors. Tests of the model indicated that salespeople’s perceptions of their managers’ behaviors influenced their satisfaction with the sales manager but not their overall satisfaction with the job. A direct implication of the adjusted model was that sales managers need to be trained to exert positive behaviors and establish consistent reinforcements for positive behaviors in order to develop a favorable working relationship. However, the company more so than the sales manager was viewed as responsible for providing a climate that facilitates learning. A learning-oriented climate facilitated both self-efficacy beliefs and overall job satisfaction of salespeople. Satisfied salespeople were likely to intend to remain with the company.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.