Assessing the Importance of E-SQ Dimensions and Attributes: Perspective of Facebook’s Users

  •  Dia Zeglat    
  •  Sara Tedmori    


The rise of the social networks has radically changed communications. This study seeks to explore the importance of electronic service quality’s (E-SQ) dimensions in relation to companies’ pages promoted on social networks, specifically Facebook. The common dimensions and attributes of E-SQ were identified by studying the relevant literature. A descriptive approach was used to identify the weights and importance of E-SQ dimensions and attributes in relation to the Facebook pages. 400 questionnaires were administered to the Facebook users, 303 questionnaires were responded to and returned back. Results show that the two most important dimensions of E-SQ as perceived by Facebook users, are privacy/security and information quality. This research provides Facebook fan page owners with useful recommendations on what should be included in their pages in order to attract more fans and increase fans’ engagement. It provides a new platform for investigating and improving the concept of E-SQ on the Facebook domain.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.