Skills and Career Development for Young People with Higher Education in Business

  •  Eugenia Campeanu-Sonea    
  •  Adrian Sonea    
  •  Vasile Paul Bresfelean    


This article presents the results of a questionnaire-based survey, designed by the authors and completed by
students enrolled in the Master of Business Administrations course at a major university in the Romanian
province of Transylvania. Our approach is justified by the urgent need to verify to what extent the training
received by our students offers the further development possibilities needed by Romanian employers. The survey
was conducted with 518 master’s degree students. The study’s findings confirmed the hypotheses formulated on
the topics of: young people’s success in the labour market; the manifestation of entrepreneurial spirit; the
practical utility of the acquired knowledge and aspirations for professional development and employers
stimulating the increase of competency and creativity levels. Whilst aimed at the success of youth in the labour
market and at the development of companies working in Romania (as investments of Romanian capital and from
abroad), the resulting information will be used to improve the structure and content of university curricula, in
order to: increase professional competency, improve practical work skills and stimulate creativity and
adaptability to employers’ requirements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.