Mass Media Social Marketing Campaigns: A Review

  •  Patrick van Esch    
  •  Lisa Overton    
  •  Linda van Esch    


A qualitative data analysis software package NVivo was used to analyse mass media social marketing campaigns to identify if the dimensions of religion were present. The analysis of each campaign included word frequency, a tree map analysis of the campaign as a whole and a tree map analysis of the different campaign mediums. The results indicate that whilst the Material and Narrative or Mythic dimensions had little to no presence across the five (5) campaigns, the following five (5) dimensions were visible across the campaigns: (1) Doctrinal and Philosophical (2) Ethical and Legal (3) Experiential and Emotional (4) Practical and Ritual and (5) Social and Institutional. However, not all of the identifiers within these dimensions were present. The emerging and abstract findings from the textual analysis require further clarification, distilling, elaboration and enhancement. Therefore, a series of questions were developed and in-depth interviews have been recommended to triangulate the findings and add validity when drawing meaningful conclusions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.