The Impact of Psychological Factors on Consumers Trust in Adoption of M-Commerce

  •  Muhammad Sharif    
  •  Bingjia Shao    
  •  Feng Xiao    
  •  Muhammad Saif    


Consumer trust plays an important role in adoption of any technology. This study targets to determine the psychological elements that affect the consumers’ trust in adoption of m-commerce. Many researchers investigate the said factors in e-commerce and online retailing, m-commerce in broad sense resembles with e-commerce but since mobile device is smaller in size so the psychological factor specifically consumer trust becomes more critical. This study focusses on partition of psychological factors that revolve around three main categories, i.e., personality-based, internal perception-based and external perception-based factors. Data is collected from 222 university students having temptation and experience of m-commerce. Subsequently, regression analysis is made in order to test the hypothesis. The research carried out on the element of psychological factors of consumers in m-commerce, reveals that among the said categories while adopting m-commerce, internal perception-based factors are the key determinants of consumer trust.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.