Burnout: The Effects of Demographic Factors on Staff Burnout: An Application at Public Sector

  •  Ahmet Serin    
  •  Mehmet Balkan    


The aim of this paper is which should be considered a descriptive survey in the general sense, to highlight the
effects of demographical differences on staff burnout. The related literature on job burnout could largely be
found. It is hypothesized that the demographical variables had an effect on job burnout. Maslach burnout
inventory was used as a survey in order to measure and assess the job burnout. The survey conducted on 261
employees of a public sector institution. Data, obtained from questionnaires analyzed through the SPSS
statistical packaged software. The results show that, the title had a positive and age had a negative and
significant effect on depersonalization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.