Multidimensional Perspective and Making Up the Shortcoming of the Performance Appraisal of Public Sector in China

  •  Yong Du    
  •  Jiali Han    


The performance management of public sector is when the public sector perform its public duty actively, on the basis of the unification of intestine management and exterior benefits, quantity and quality, economic factor and ethic political factor, rigidity criterion and soft criterion, the process to obtain the largest pubic output. The organization review and evaluate the performance of public personnel, such as politics diathesis, representation of operation, behavior of action and harvest of work, then implement rewards and punishment, in order to offer the power of inspiriting the public personnel to improve their behavior, and achieve the goal of increasing the integer efficiency of the public sector finally. Text point out the miss and drawback of performance appraisal of public sector in China, and try to put forward some solutions.

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