The Impact of Tourist Feedback in the Virtual Community on the Purchase Intention

  •  Ionica Oncioiu    


Today, the Internet provides human beings with a new way of communication, which is more efficient and
effective. This study investigates how the message content and involvement in an online forum influenced the
tourism consumers’ purchase intention and conducted online experiments involving 534 subjects. According to
the research results, negative messages have stronger effects than positive messages, which may lead to stronger
disasters on e-Small and medium tourism enterprise or tourism products. This finding offers potential for finding
better ways for sellers (travel agencies) or managers of Small and medium-sized tourism enterprises in a virtual
community. Finally, the results of this study also demonstrated positive relationship between the tourism
consumers’ online feedback and their purchase decision. The conclusion presents implications, limitations, and
directions for future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.