Study of Senior Citizens Learning Performance in Taiwan

  •  Su-Shiang Lee    
  •  Jui-Ying Hung    
  •  Chin-Hsiang Tsai    


This research focuses on the plan by this university regarding the senior university programs. Results show that the
Ministry of Education’s Senior University project is based on the integration of both software and hardware
equipment and teachers and learning resources in universities and colleges. Therefore, each school should not only
offer introductory or basic courses on topics that fulfill the education needs of “healthy” and “sub-healthy” senior
learners, but also endeavor to undertake content development regarding variations in the features of university
learning, the individual features of separate schools, and intergenerational learning to subsequently highlight the
learning effectiveness of the Senior University project compared to that of other senior learning channels. Since
2009, a total of 137 elderly people have participated in the senior university program at Chaoyang University of
Technology. The number of female participants exceeded that of males, with males comprising less than a quarter
of the participants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.