Website Satisfaction: Determinants and Consequences on Website Loyalty

  •  Zezia Nsairi    
  •  Manel Khadraoui    


The concept of satisfaction has been a concept extensively studied in the literature and is still of interest to both
academics and managers. This study examines the key determinants of satisfaction in an online shopping context
and their consequences on loyalty. We have used structural equation modeling method to test a conceptual model
relating perceived value-satisfaction-loyalty with the incorporation of variables specific to the online experience
(computer anxiety and website environment). We proposed also navigational goal (shopping versus browsing) as
a moderator of the relationship between perceived value and satisfaction. The findings reveal that the effect of
website environment on perceived value is supported and that some dimensions of perceived value influence
online customer satisfaction. Moreover, satisfaction has a positive influence on loyalty while computer anxiety
has a negative influence. Furthermore, navigational goal moderates the relationship between perceived value and
satisfaction. Managerial implications of these results are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.