Linking Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance

  •  Elaine Mosconi    
  •  Marie Roy    


Over the last 15 years, knowledge management (KM) has generated huge interest from the actors involved in research and practice. The promise of increased organizational performance has contributed to the development of various aspects of KM. Limited successes in implementing strategic KM solutions and some frustrating experiences around practices have also been widely observed. In this article, we propose a multidimensional KM approach to support decision performance as a foundation for overall organizational performance. This approach is conceptualized considering technological tools adapted to the context, process and activities related to decision situations, organizational structure and culture that empower decision makers and recognize the value of knowledge. Our approach requires an alignment between KM initiatives and business process objectives based on the KM dimensions in order to improve of decision performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.