Are Brand Communities Influencing Brands through Co-creation? A Cross-National Example of the Brand AXE: In France and in Tunisia

  •  Héla Cherif    
  •  Ben Miled    


In order to build long term relationships with customers, companies involve them more often on their activities.
They are now “prosumers” through co-creation process and social media. The primary objective of this study is
to identify, by means of a cross-national empirical study, if brand communities influence brand by co-creation.
What kind of influence can the virtual brand community have on co-creation? The study begins by a conceptual
framework on genesis of concepts of co-creation and brand community. After that clarification, methodology is
developed and consequently results are exposed. Conclusions and managerial implications are then withdrawn.
And finally limitations of the study and future researches are presented. Theoretical contribution of the study is
as follows. Firstly, propose a new classification of co-creation. Secondly the use of Kapferer’s brand identity
Prism (1991) in order to create a strong brand seems to be helpful for building brand community. Thirdly a new
method, the netnography, applied to “Axe” brand in France and Tunisia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.