Consumer’s Trust in the Brand: Can it be built through Brand Reputation, Brand Competence and Brand Predictability

  •  Hasan Afzal    
  •  Muhammad Khan    
  •  Kashif ur Rehman    
  •  Imran Ali    
  •  Sobia Wajahat    


To evaluate the relationship of Brand Reputation, Brand Competence and Brand Predictability with the context of Consumer’s Trust in the Brand. Questionnaire comprising of two parts, first part shows demographic profile, and second part consisted on three independent variables of Brand Characteristic (Brand Reputation, Brand Competence, and Brand Predictability) and one dependent variable of Consumer’s Trust in the Brand items. Results was evaluated through Correlation and Regression Analysis, all model are significant at 95 percent. Further more, Consumer’s Trust in the Brand increases between ranges 30 percent and 60 percent due to Brand Characteristic. Brand Reputation, Brand Predictability and Brand Competency are the factors which affect consumer’s trust on brand. After the analysis it is proved that brand reputation, predictability and its competency has positive impact on trust which is developed when consumer use that brand and gathers data about brand reputation, its predictability and competencies. When brand reputation is good, it meets the predictability of customer and it has competency to satisfy the needs of customer, it develops trust of customer on brand. By using effective advertising techniques, brands must build their image which in turn would build customer trust and credibility. Brands must try to build their competencies so that customer needs can be satisfied

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