Branding Cultural Festival as a Destination Attraction: A Case Study of Calabar Carnival Festival

  •  Bassey Benjamin Esu    
  •  Vivian Mbaze-Ebock Arrey    


The study attempts to develop a normative model for the branding of cultural festivals.  This is because present methods of analyses and the rules are inconsistent and elusive. The study seeks therefore to extend the literature on cultural festivals branding by proposing a normative model of branding process that is linked to the service concept and mediated by demographic and behavioural variables. The study investigated cultural festival attributes that are explanatory of brand association and on the bases of this proposed a model that simplifies the process of branding of cultural festivals using cluster and discriminant analysis.  A convenience sample of 500 attendees drawn from the 2007 Calabar Carnival Festival was used for the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.