The Influences of Market Information Management and Marketing Control in Small-Sized Firms in Korea

  •  Sohyoun Shin    


Studies in management and marketing strategy have proven that various dimensions of marketing capabilities are associated with firm performance in a positives way. However, most of the researchers have focused on the relationships within relatively large-sized firms in industrialized countries. In this study, the author investigates market information management capability and marketing control capability and their possible antecedents, strategic orientations (i.e., customer, competitor, and technology orientation) in small-sized firms in Korea. Based on 180 data of small-scaled firms with no more than 500 employees across industries, both capabilities have been found to have an affirmative influence on firm performance. Furthermore, three focal orientations have been proven to drive both capabilities in a positive way. From the additional two-group analysis based on firm size, market information management capability has been found to be more critical to micro-sized firms with 100 employees or fewer while both capabilities show equally important positive impact for small-sized firms with between 500 and 101 employees. Implications are addressed along with the limitations and further research directions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.