The Effects of Organizational Cynicism on Job Attitudes an Empirical Study on Teaching Hospitals in Egypt

  •  Wageeh A. Nafei    


The present study examines the effects of organizational cynicism on two dimensions of job attitudes (organizational commitment and job satisfaction). Over the years, much work has been done by researchers who focused on organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Drawing on the literature review, there are some studies regarding organizational cynicism. In Egypt, limited research has been conducted, but the present study attempts to find out whether there is a relationship between organizational cynicism and job attitudes. Teaching Hospitals in Egypt were our subject matter from 2012/9 through 2013/2, to be a pioneering study on organizational cynicism and its effect on job attitudes. This survey-type research is descriptive in terms of the data collection. The present study investigates the attitudes of employees in regards to organizational cynicism, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction. Ultimately, it elucidates the effect of organizational cynicism on job attitudes. Three groups of employees at Teaching Hospitals in Egypt were examined. Three hundred and fifty seven questionnaires were distributed and 297 usable questionnaires were returned, a response rate of 83%. The results reveal that there are differences among the three groups of employees based upon their evaluative attitudes towards organizational cynicism, organizational commitment and job satisfaction. The present study provides a number of recommendations for managers and practitioners to consider. Finally, the implications of this study are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.