Potential Impact of U.S. Re-Emerging Rare Earths Industry on Future Global Supply and Demand Trend

  •  Chunyan He    
  •  Yalin Lei    


Recently, based on the rapid growth of internal markets and limited reserves, some REEs have been in a supply shortage, especially HREEs. Thus, how to get new REs production sites and supply chain becomes an urgent global problem. U.S. government announced the resumption of production of domestic REs ores in 2012 to respond to the increasing internal demand for and contracting supply of REs. Aiming to explore U.S. re-emerging REs industry’s potential impact on future global REs supply and demand trend, this paper reviews the current global REs supply and demand and U.S. re-emerging REs industry and then forecast and analyze the future impact of U.S. re-emerging REs industry on global REs supply and demand trend using Documentary Research Method. The result is that U.S. re-emerging REs industry will lead to a significant impact of supply surplus in total on future global and its internal REs demands. Nonetheless, the global including U.S. demand of HREEs will still rely on China’s supply. The results will provide references to the development of U.S.’s REs industry and China’s industrial policies. It will also make contribution on improving global REs supply and demand relationship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.