Research on China’s Regional Cultural Industries’ Efficiency Based on Factor Analysis and BCC & Super Efficiency Model

  •  Yuxian Fan    
  •  Xiaoling Yuan    
  •  Jie Qin    


Cultural industries are becoming important drivers for global economic growth. Competitiveness of cultural industries lies in its performance. This paper takes deep research on the cultural industries’ performance of 31 regions in China by the methods of factor analysis and super BCC efficiency model, using the whole statement data of 2010 from cultural industries. As the study shows, there are only 7 provinces which are efficient DMUS in DEA, and inefficacy in scale is one of the most important factors for cultural industries’ efficiency in China, and the short of output is more widespread and serious than redundancy of input. Some proposals are put forward. Firstly, output should be expanded based on completely digging and utilizing the present resources .Second, blind development and input should be avoided. Third, the northeast and central region should work hard to improve pure technical efficiency, and northeast and northwest region should improve scale efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.