Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Local Government Employees in East Coast Malaysia: A Pilot Study

  •  Rashidah Mohamad Ibrahim    
  •  Mazuri Abd Ghani    
  •  Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh Embat    


A pilot test was carried out to determine the suitability, validity and reliability of a survey instrument in preparation for a large scale study to be undertaken involving one of the important public sector namely local governments. Content and face validity was initially carried out through a panel of expert where some modification and alteration to the original set was made taking into account that local governments’ employees are majority Malays with basic tertiary education level and are support staff category (low to middle level management staff). Data obtained from pilot testing was analyzed where the values of Cronbach’s alpha for all variables exceeded the 0.6 benchmark, an indication that the reliability of the scale instrument was reliable. Normality tests indicated that the data was normally distributed and the assumptions of linearity and homocedasticity in the multivariate analyses have been fulfilled. Demographic profile and descriptive statistics of the respondents were tabled out and analyzed. It is envisaged that the measurement tool will contribute in elevating organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) level among local governments’ employees as OCB has been identified as a vehicle to promote overall organizational effectiveness at a relatively low cost.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.