ACA as E-Atmospherics: Is There an “Animation Predisposition” Effect?

  •  Mohamed Slim Ben Mimoun    


Academic literature recognizes animated conversational agents (ACA) as part of e-atmospheric and indicates that the use of such agents on commercial websites might be a source of social presence and experiential value. Within this framework and referring to Serenko’s (2007) work on the degree of animation predisposition, the aim this paper is to study the moderating effect of the degree of animation predisposition on the relationship between social interactivity and experiential value. We, we propose a six hypotheses research model that we test by using SmartPLS2. The results confirm the importance of e-atmospherics in the construction of a pleasant experience on commercial websites and indicate a moderating effect of degree of animation predisposition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.