The Mediation of Tourists Satisfaction on the Relationship between Tourism Service Quality and Tourists Loyalty: Five Stars Hotel in Jordanian Environment

  •  Ramzi Al-Rousan    
  •  Ismaiel Abuamoud    


This paper aims to examine the relationship between tourism service quality, tourism loyalty and tourism satisfaction expectations in hotel industry. In this paper, the service quality standard model has been used for evaluation of service quality, Parasuraman, Zeithaml, & Berry (1985, 1988). Fornell et al. (1996) and Oh (2000) models with revision was used for evaluating the loyalty, and the instrument presented by Cauana, Money, and Berthon (2000) was used for evaluation of customer satisfaction. The focus of this research is five stars hotels in Jordan, and 322 customers of these hotels were sampled. The results of this paper demonstrate that in all aspects, customers’ expectation, are higher than their perceptions of the hotels services. In addition, this research findings show that customer satisfaction plays the role of a mediator in the effects of service quality on service loyalty. Moreover, the findings of this study provide tourism professionals in Jordan with more insight about the idea of TSQ and help them improve the quality of their services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.