Construction Safety Management Climate in Kolkata, India

  •  Himadri Guha    
  •  Biswajit Thakur    
  •  Partha Biswas    


A literature survey has revealed that workers in construction sites are subjected to hazardous conditions all over the world and more so in developing countries. Kolkata, India is no exception. Three surveys namely workers’ safety perceptions, managers’ safety practices and cultural attitudes towards safety for both the workers and the managers have been conducted in four construction sites in and around Kolkata. The responses have been studied with statistical techniques like factor analysis, correlations and multiple regressions. The cultural dimensions were based on Hofstede (1991). It has been found that the awareness and belief of the workers have no significant correlations with the cultural dimensions. The workers have no safety related cultural ties and would be logical in accepting safety prescriptions. It has been further noted that workers’ sensitivity to safety awareness is positively correlated with operational practices of managers. Therefore, enhanced safety training to managers which is comparatively easier would increase safety awareness among the managers which in turn would increase the safety awareness to workers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.