Entrepreneurship, Transaction Costs and Cultural Background

  •  Panagiotis E. Petrakis    
  •  Dionysis G. Valsamis    


This paper aims to explore the connections between transaction costs and economic institutions on the one hand, and the group of variables describing cultural background on the other. By improving transaction characteristics and economic institutions, we can increase the entrepreneurship rates of the society. The paper tries to explore this relationship. Transaction cost and institutional variables are analysed using a principal component analysis and OLS. The results confirm the original working hypothesis of the existence of a relationship between transaction costs and culture. The component of cultural characteristics having a pro-growth orientation reduces transaction costs and enhances economic institutions, while the component of cultural characteristics that are reflected in the pro-social characteristics of cultural background increase it. A positive relationship between entrepreneurial variable and the transaction and economic institutions is revealed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.