Determinants of Environmental Product Innovation in the Detergent and Maintenance Sector: Application for the European Ecolabel Certification

  •  Amara Mehamli    


The aim of this article is to determine the relevant factors of environmental product innovation. In the sector of detergent and maintenance products the European Ecolabel certification, as an environmental voluntary policy, is considered one of multiple kinds of environmental innovation. According to the empirical analysis (a survey was conducted in the French market) we find that the strategy of the biotechnological firm, the market demand, the certification benefits (brand image) and policy regulation (REACH directive…) seem to be important factors in the European Ecolabel certification. Although, this voluntary policy drives some firms to innovation, the environmental performance and accession of the most firms in this sector are still a challenge. Firms which have used biomolecular substances, under suppliers’ incentives effect, have not systematically developed European Ecolabel certified products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.