Investigating the Role of Spirituality, Resurrection and Transformational Leadership on the Spiritual Organization

  •  Mohammad Ali Sarlak    
  •  Sayed Reza Sayed Javadein    
  •  Ali Nejatbakhsh Esfahany    
  •  Seid Mehdi Veiseh    


Reviewing literature, it becomes clear that the organizations are trying to promote the welfare of their employees in addition to make money. In reality, new paradigms emphasize on the traditional methods instead of use of concepts such as spiritual organization, value – based organization, transformational leadership and cooperative work groups. All religions emphasize on faith in God and many tribes believe in futurity. On the other hand, the environment of government organizations is not suitable for the employees’ improvement because of their bad management performance. The aim of the current experiment is to investigate the role of spirituality, Resurrection and transformational leadership in order to achieve an extensive model. This is a qualitative-based survey in which the population includes some management experts and high managers of the country. Data was gathered using interview-based research and laboratory studies. From the results, this is to say that Resurrection is one of the key aspects of the spiritual framework. Having faith in Resurrection causes the people to abstain from statesmanship, increase their calmness, self-control, serve as an example for others, be firm during the adversities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.