Traditional Banks Conversion Motivation into Islamic Banks: Evidence from the Middle East

  •  Farooq Salman Alani    
  •  Hisham Yaacob    


The increasing awareness on Islamic banking and finance has created a huge demand for shari’ah based or shari’ah compliant products. Banks, especially are trying to capture this huge market by either converting themselves into a full fledge Islamic banks or opening a window for the Islamic based transactions. This study highlights the reasons why traditional banks turned towards Islamic model. The phenomenon of traditional banks turning into Islamic form was reinforced by the success of these banks averting the recent world economic crises. This study examined this phenomenon through four axes, first is the law, second is the risk and profit rates, third is about the customer needs for Islamic products, final one the lessons of successful conversions the region. This study concludes that there is a statistical significance between the trend towards the switching to Islamic banks and the low risk nature with high levels of profits that characterized Islamic banks. Also, religious (Islam) has influenced the conversion towards Islamic model. The study put forward several recommendations. Perhaps the most important call is to unite, integrate and increase interdependence between the Islamic banks. It is also important for the Islamic banks to innovate and create new products for the benefit of the consumers at large.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.