Transformational Leadership: Lessons in Management for Today

  •  Charles J. Berendt    
  •  Andreas Christofi    
  •  Krishna M. Kasibhatla    
  •  John Malindretos    
  •  Brian Maruffi    


This paper examines the underappreciated differences between the effectiveness and measurement of current technical advances in business management methods and how aspects of transformational leadership, as exhibited by the prophet Moses, can more broadly and deeply contribute to an organization’s success over the long term than these more easily defined procedures. These leadership issues tend to arise most acutely when a company’s management comes under severe scrutiny during times of business scandals and related ethical crises. Using Warren Bennis’s definition of charismatic leadership as a framework, we show how Moses exhibited the qualities of humility, tenacity, integrity, strength, creativity, and innovation, particularly in the field of succession planning, in completing his mission, transforming the ‘organization’ he led, and inspiring future generations. The conclusions here are supported not only by biblical passages but also by relevant business, management, and general literature.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.