A Prioritization of Competency Components of Operational Managers from Management Experts’View – A Case Study, Tehran, Iran

  •  Ali Asqar Fani    
  •  Ardeshir Shiri    
  •  Adel Azar    
  •  Seyed Reza Seyed Javadin    


The aim of present study is to study and to prioritize required competencies for appointing operational managers in Iran governmental organizations based on management professors and senior executives view. By considering data collecting method, this study is a descriptive-survey research and based on classification of purpose-based researches, it’s a developmental research and in terms of variables controlling and due to impossibility of variables controlling, this research is a pseudo-experimental research. The main information gathering tool was a researcher made questionnaire including 142 questions concerning competency components which was designed and edited by applying theoretical principles and frameworks. In order to make sure about validity of this questionnaire, an expert’s panel composed of management professors was applied. For testing its reliability, 30 questionnaires were completed and 95% Cronbach’s alpha was calculated which was an appropriate reliability coefficient for this study. Statistical population of this study was composed of all management professors in Tehran universities and also governor with at least three years of governing history and degree in master of management that by purposive or judgmental and snowball sampling methods, 70 management professors and 60 governors were selected as samples of this study. Data analysis of this study was done by the method of descriptive and inferential statistics and using factor analysis and Friedman’s ranking in Excel and SPSS software environments. The finding of this study reveals that competency components don’t have equal importance degree from two statistical population views.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.